Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 8 mới

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 8 mới

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Đề bài

A. Listening

I. Listen and decide if the following statements are True (T) or False (F)  

Question 1.  Maria thinks life in the city is more interesting than that in the countryside. 

Question 2.  David says that city is less dangerous than the countryside. 

Question 3.  The people in the countryside aren't as open as those in the city. 

Question 4.  The country is quieter than the city.

Question 5. Maria thinks the city is more fun than the country. 

II. Choose the correct answer.


Question 6. Who did Nam visit the countryside with?  

A. his parents

B. his classmates

C. his family

D. his schoolmates

Question 7.  How long did they get there?   

A. Two hours

B. Three hours

C. One hour

D. Thirty minutes

Question 8.  What do Trung’s parents do?  

A. workers

B. teachers

C. farmers

D. shopkeepers

Question 9.  What did Nam and his friends do in the countryside? 

A. herding the buffaloes

B. flying kites and going swimming.

C. doing gardening

D. harvesting the rice and loading in the buffalo-drawn cart.

Question 10.  How does Nam think of the countryside?  

A.  It  is more peaceful than the city.

B.  It is modern and entertaining

C.  It is not as beautiful and interesting as the city

D.   It has more beautiful and interesting places than in the town. 

B. Grammar

III. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

vast                    peaceful             nomadic

inconvenient         hospitable          quiet

safe          slow

Question 11. I love the people in my village. They are so friendly and ______

Question 12. I sometimes lie and watch the ______ movement of the clouds.

Question 13. Some people in the mountains of north Viet Nam used to have a ______ life.

Question 14. Don’t worry. It’s ______ to travel here, even at night.

Question 15. It’s so ______ to send a letter from my village. The nearest post office is miles away.

Question 16. Would you please be ______? There is an exam going on.

Question 17. I love the ______ sky on starry nights. It looks fantastic.

Question 18. The Tasadays are a ______ tribe. They never fight and never hit their children.

IV. Choose the correct answer.

Question 19. Does she fancy ______ a book to younger children?

A. reads                      B. reading

C. to read                    D. read

Question 20. My 6-year old brother really enjoys ___________ in the rain, which is sometimes dangerous.

A. play                        B. played

C. playing                   D. plays

Question 21. Have you ever been in such a situation _____________?

A. before                     B. yet

C. already                   D. lately

Question 22. I know she has worked  much_____________ this semester than she did last semester.

A. more hardly            B. hardlier

C. more harder            D. harder

Question 23. They love _____________ with their friends.

A. eat out                    B. ate out

C. having eaten           D. to eat out

Question 24. This is one of the most ridiculous things that I_____________ in my life.

A. heard                      B. have heard

C. hear                        D. will hear

V. Open the brackets

Question 25. I love (listen) _______ to music with good earphones.

Question 26. My brother likes ( cook) _______ , but he detests (do) _______  the washing.

Question 27. She prefers( communicate) _______ with real people to ( meet) _______ someone virtual on the Internet.

Question 28. I need ( solve) _______ this problem with the customers at once.

VI. Read and answer the following questions.

Yoga originates in India and it is good for both your body and mind. Anyone can do Yoga- women or men, adults or children. Special children’s classes are devised to help them cope with pressures they feel from school work. By learning how to co-ordinate breathing and movement, yoga helps them to develop body awareness, self-control and flexibility. Taking up yoga also helps them to focus and become better with daily routines. An ideal time to do yoga is before breakfast.

Question 29. Where does yoga come from?

⟹ _____________________

Question 30. Who can do yoga?

⟹ ______________________

Question 31. Why should children do yoga too?

⟹ ______________________

Question 32. What is the best time for yoga?

⟹ ______________________

Question 33. Does yoga help children concentrate on their work?

⟹ ______________________

VII. Rewrite the sentences without changing the meanings.

Question 34. The Eagle team performed more successfully than the Lion team.

⟹ The Lion team didn’t___________

Question 35. In the countryside, the children play more freely than in the city.

⟹ In the city, children____________

Question 36. Our gers are now better equipped than in the past .

⟹ In the past, our gers weren’t _________

Question 37. A sports car goes faster than an ordinary car.

⟹ An ordinary car goes ____________

VIII. Complete the following sentences.

Question 38. The/ paddy /field/ /mountain/ usually/ not/ as /large/ those/ in/low /lands.

⟹ ______________________

Question 39. The/ path/ through/ Dead Valley/ most/dangerous/in/ my/ country.

⟹ ______________________

Question 40. A city /more /interesting/ activities/ the countryside.

⟹ ______________________

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1.  T

Question 2.  F

Question 3.  F

Question 4.  T

Question 5.  T

Question 6. B

Question 7.  A

Question 8.  C

Question 9. B

Question 10  D

Question 11. hospitable

Question 12. peaceful

Question 13. slow

Question 14. safe

Question 15. inconvenient

Question 16. quiet 

Question 17. vast

Question 18. nomadic

Question 19. B 

Question 20. C

Question 21. B

Question 22. D

Question 23. D

Question 24. B

Question 25. listening

Question 26. cooking – doing           

Question 27. communicating-meeting

Question 28. to solve                         

Question 29. Yoga comes from India

Question 30. Anyone can do yoga – women or men, adults or children.

Question 31. Because yoga helps them cope with pressures they feel from school work.

Question 32. The best time for yoga is before breakfast.                          

Question 33. Yes, it does.

Question 34. The Lion team didn’t perform as successfully as the Eagle team did.

Question 35. In the city, the children play less freely than in the countryside.

Question 36. In the past, our gers weren’t equipped as well as now.

Question 37. An ordinary car goes more slowly than a sports car.

Question 38. The paddy fields in the mountains are usually not as large as those in the lowlands.

Question 39. The path through Dead Valley is the most dangerous in my country.

Question 40. A city has more interesting activities than the countryside.


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