Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra 15p - Unit 1 - Tiếng Anh 8 mới

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra 15p - Unit 1 - Tiếng Anh 8 mới

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Đề bài

I. Choose the best answer.

1. We ________to the countryside two months ago.

A. go                           B. have gone                  C. went                 D. will go

2. What will you do if you _______the final examinations?

A. will pass                 B. would pass                   C. pass                  D. passed

3. I wish my summer holiday _________longer.

A. will be                    B. is                                 C. were                  D. has been

4. I asked him _________he came from.

A. where                     B. who                             C. what                 D. which

5. It rained hard. __________, my father went to work.

A. Therefore                B. However                       C. Because           D. So

6. Your sister writes poems and stories, ________she?

A. does                        B. doesn’t                         C. will                  D. won’t

7. Laura fell asleep during the lesson ___________she was tired.

A. so                            B. but                               C. because          D. therefore


II. Give the correct form of the following verbs.

8. Mai enjoys ___crafts, especially bracelets. (make)

9. ________you ever ____________a buffalo? (ride)

10. The children used to _____________a long way to school. (go)

11. They are interested in _______ their friends all day. (text)

12. Do you fancy ___________in the park this Sunday? (skateboard)

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. C

Question 7. C

Question 2. C

Question 8. making

Question 3. C

Question 9. Have - ridden

Question 4. A

Question 10. go

Question 5. B

Question 11. texting

Question 6. B

Question 12. skateboarding

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