Đề số 17 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 12

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Đề số 17 - Tiếng Anh 12

Quảng cáo

Đề bài

Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from that of the others.

Question 1.

A. apply                           B. moment

C. nation                          D. comfort

Question 2.

A. reasonable                  B. volcanic

C. unpleasant                  D. throughout

Question 3.

A. apology                      B. communication

C. attention                    D. appropriate

Choose the word whose underlined part in bold is pronounced differently from the rest.

Question 4.

A. shown                       B. known

C. snow                         D. town

Question 5.

A. books                        B. maps

C. cats                           D. dogs

Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

Question 6. I feel like ______ a letter to the authorities about the need for public transportation.

A. to write                     B. writing

C. to writing                  D. written

Question 7. Ann hopes ______ to join the private club. She could make important business contacts there.

A. to invite                     B. inviting

C. to be invited               D. being invited

Question 8. No sooner _____ the news _____ she fainted.

A. she had heard/ than

B. had she heard/ when

C. did she hear/ when

D. had she heard/ than

Question 9. I feel very tired. I _____ in the garden for the last two hours.

A. have been working

B. worked

C. have worked

D. had been working

Question 10. Could you wait for a few minutes until the manager _____ back?

A. will get                    B. gets

C. is getting                 D. had got

Question 11. We should participate in the movements _____ to conserve the natural environment.

A. organized

B. which organized

C. are organized 

D. organizing

Question 12. It isn’t very _____ to leave the lights on when you are not in the room.

A. economy                   B. economic

C. economical                D. economized

Question 13. The goods were never delivered _____ the promise we had received.

A. although                     B. because

C. because of                  D. in spite of

Question 14. September 2nd is the day when Vietnamese celebrate their ___ from France.

A. dependence              B. dependent

C. independence            D. independent

Question 15. The princess _____ her secret to her husband, who dies of a broken heart.

A. confides                    B. trusts

C. depends                    D. believes

Question 16. Today a lot of important inventions are carried _____ by scientists.

A. in                              B. with

C. for                             D. out

Question 17. The little girl divided the cake _____ three parts.

A. to                              B. into

C. from                           D. with

Question 18. If only my mother ______ here with me at the moment.

A. are being                    B. would be

C. had been                    D. were

Question 19. Tim apologized _____ the teacher ______ rude to him the day before.

A. to/ for being

B. to/ for to be

C. for/ for being

D. X/ for being

Question 20. Two people are reported _____ in the accident.

A. to injure seriously

B. to seriously be injured

C. to have been seriously injured

D. being injured

Question 21. So many _____ people applied for the position that we won’t be able to make a decision for weeks.

A. well-qualified

B. well-behaved

C. well-known

D. well-mannered

Question 22. ______ you work harder, you won’t be able admitted to that university.

A. If                            B. When

C. Unless                   D. Because

Question 23. We have lived in this district for eight years.

A. We moved to this district eight years ago.

B. We have moved to this district for eight years.

C. We have lived in this district eight years ago.

D. It’s eight years ago since we lived to this district.

Question 24. Tom _____ Helen the next day.

A. warned to help

B. promised to help

C. accused me to help

D. remind helping

Question 25. “I left my umbrella here last night.”, said Jane

A. Jane said me that she had left her umbrella there the previous night.

B. I told Jane I had left my umbrella there the night before.

C. Jane told me she had left her umbrella there the night before.

D. Jane asked me to leave the umbrella there the previous day.

Question 26. “_____, children nowadays watch too much TV.” - “Absolutely!”

A. In my conclusion

B. In my opinion

C. As you see

D. As a matter of fact

Question 27. “Shall we have a drink when you finish your class?” - “___”

A. No, we can’t.

B. All right.

C. You’re welcome.

D. You needn’t do that.

Question 28. “Oh, I’m really sorry!” - “___”

A. It was a pleasure.

B. That’s all right

C. Thanks.

D. Yes, why.

Question 29. _____ is a family unit that consists of a father, a mother, and their children.

A. extended family

B. nuclear family

C. single-parent family

D. big family

Question 30. There weren’t any ______ in the company for secretaries.

A. situations                            B. spaces

C. vacancies                            D. locations

Question 31. Helen asked me _____ the film called “Star Wars”.
A. have I seen                       

 B. have you seen

C. if I had seen

D. if had I seen

Which sentence expresses the same idea as the given one?

Question 32. “Don’t play video games all the time!” he said.

A. He told the boy not to play video games all the time.

B. He said to the boy not play video games all the time.

C. He told to the boy not to play video games all the time.

D. He said the boy not play video games all the time.

Question 33. “Where are you going?” he asked her.

A. He asked her where she is going.

B. He asked her where you were going.

C. He asked her where was she going.

D. He asked her where she was going.

Question 34. They spent a lot of money on food and clothes.

A. Money was spent on food and clothes.

B. A lot of money was spent on food and clothes.

C. A lot of money were spent on food and clothes.

D. A lot of money on food and clothes were spent.

Question 35. It has been a long time since they met.

A. They haven’t met since a long time.

B. They haven’t met for a long time.

C. They didn’t meet for a long time.

D. They didn’t meet for a long time.

Indicate an error in each of the following sentences.

Question 36. My ideal world would be a peaceful one which there are no wars or conflicts.

A. would be                  B. one

C. which                       D. no

Question 37. Nowadays if people look after them, they can live to be at the age of 90.

A. if                               B. them

C. to be                          D. at

Question 38. The old man managed to get to sleep because there was a lot of noise.

A. managed                     B. to sleep

C. because                       D. was

Question 39. When they came home, they didn’t buy nothing from the supermarket.

A. When                            B. came

C. didn’t buy                     D. from

Question 40. Without Huong River, Hue City wouldn’t be so romantic as it is.

A. Huong River                      B. wouldn’t

C. so                                     D. it is

Choose the correct words to fill in the following passage.

            It is difficult to write rules that tell exactly when we should apologize, (41) ____ it is not difficult to learn how. If we have done something to hurt someone’s feelings, or if we have been (42) _____ or rude, we should apologize. An apology indicates that we realize we have (43) _____ a mistake, and we are sorry (44) _____ it. It is a way of expressing our regret for something. When we (45) _____, we admitted our wrongdoing, usually offer a reason for it, and (46) _____ regret.

Question 41.

A. and               B. for

C. but                D. so

Question 42.

A. friendly        B. kind 

C. polite            D. impolite

Question 43.

A. produced      B. made

C. done             D. created

Question 44.

A. for                B. about

C. at                  D. in

Question 45.

A. accept           B. admitted

C. laughed         D. apologize

Question 46.

A. apologize      B. express

C. give              D. report

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions, from questions 47 to questions 50.

            Students working for their first degree at university are called undergraduates. Then they take their degree we say they graduate, and then they are called graduates. If they continue studying at university after they have graduated, they are called post-graduates. Full-time university students spend all their free time studying. They have no other employment. Their course usually lasts for three or four years. Medical students have to follow a course lasting for six or seven years. Then they graduate as doctors. In Britain, full-time university students have three terms of about ten weeks in each year. During these terms they go to lectures or they study by themselves. Many students become members of academic societies and sports clubs and take part in their activities. Between the university terms they have vacations (or holiday periods). Their vacations are long, but of course they can use them to study at home.

Question 47. Students who continue studying at university after having graduated are called __.

A. graduates 

B. pre-graduates

C. undergraduates

D. post-graduates

Question 48. Between the university terms, students have their ____

A. tests                         B. vacations

C. practice time             D. employment

Question 49. The phrase “by themselves” means ___

A. on their own                       B. lonely

C. alone                                  D. A&C

Question 50. Which of the following is NOT correct?

A. Full time university students don’t have other employment.

B. Medical students spend six or seven years studying at university.

C. A university course usually lasts for three or four years.

D. Students in Britain have no holiday periods.

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1 A Question 26 B
Question 2 A Question 27 B
Question 3 B Question 28 B
Question 4 D Question 29 B
Question 5 A Question 30 C
Question 6 B  Question 31 C
Question 7 C  Question 32 A
Question 8 D  Question 33 D
Question 9 A  Question 34 B
Question 10 B  Question 35 B
Question 11 A  Question 36 C
Question 12 C  Question 37 B
Question 13 D  Question 38 C
Question 14 C  Question 39 C
Question 15 A  Question 40 A
Question 16 D Question 41 C
Question 17 B Question 42 D
Question 18 D Question 43 B
Question 19 A Question 44 A
Question 20 C Question 45 D
Question 21 A Question 46 B
Question 22 C Question 47 D
Question 23 A Question 48 B
Question 24 B Question 49 D
Question 25 C Question 50 D


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