Đề số 10 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 12

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I. Choose the word (marked A, B, C, or D) whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others of the same group.

Question 01:

A. cooked                   B. practiced 

C. decided                  D. laughed

Question 02:

A. hesitate         B. basic

C. physics           D. reserve

II. Complete the passage by choosing the best option (marked A, or B, C, D) for each blank.

All men should study:  we have to study to broaden our knowledge and develop our intelligence. An (03)________ man can only utilize his body strength to work and live. An educated man, besides his strength, still has the faculty of his intelligent brain and good reflection. This intelligence and thought enable him to help his physical strength to act more quickly and cleverly. In a same profession or work, the educated man differs (04)________ the uneducated man considerably. Therefore, intellectual workers have to study, this is a matter, of course, but manual workers must also gain an education. In civilized countries, compulsory education has also (05)________ applied. Everyone must spend seven or eight years to study. From ploughmen to laborers in these nations, no one is (06)________ to read a book or a paper fluently.

Question 03. 

A. educate                    B. educated

C. educating                  D. uneducated

Question 04. 

A. from                        B. in

C. with                         D. about

Question 05.

  A. to be                        B. is

C. been                          D. being

Question 06. 

A. disable                     B. enable

C. unable                      D. able

 III. Choose the best option among A, B, C, or D provided to finish each of the questions below.

Question 07: Many of pictures___ from outer space are presently on display in the public library.

A. sending                  B. that sent

C. sent                        D. to sending

Question 08: You_____ ill unless you stop working so hard.

A. would become

B. would have become

C. become

D. will become

Question 09: The flight was cancelled____ the air-traffic controllers being on strike.

A. despite                    B. because of 

C. because                  D. although

Question 10: They are_____nice people that everyone likes them.

A. so a                         B. a so

C. such                        D. such a

Question 11: I hadn’t heard from him for ten years, then____, I got a fax from him.

A. out of the blue       

B. blue in the face

C. once in a blue moon

D. having green fingers

Question 12. Last summer, we visited Canada and____ United States.

A. the                          B. a

C. Æ                            D. an

Question 13. If he were better qualified, he___get the job.

A. will                         B. can

C. may                       D. could

Question 14. The mobile phone is an effective means of___ in the world nowadays.

A. communication       B. communicated

C. communicate          D. communicative

Question 15: Many rare and precious species are now____ danger of extinction.

A. on                           B. from

C. in                            D. by

Question 16. Paul has just sold his____ car and intends to buy a new one.

A. Japanese old black

B. black old Japanese            

C. old Japanese black

D. old black Japanese

Question 17. The man____ gave me the book is my uncle.

A. where                     B. who 

C. when                      D. which

Question 18:

- Linda: “I’ve passed my driving test.” 

Peter: “______.”

A. It’s nice of you      

B. That’s a good idea             

C. Congratulation      

D. Do you?

IV. Choose the option marked A, B, C, or D that best completes each of the following sentences.

The Nobel prizes, awarded annually for distinguished work in chemistry, physic, physiology or medicine, literature, and international peace, were made available by a fund bequeathed for that purpose by Swedish philanthropist, Alfred Bernard Nobel. The prizes, awarded since 1901, are administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm. In 1969, a prize for economics endowed by the Central Bank of Sweden was added. Candidates for the prizes must be nominated in writing by a qualified authority in the field of competition. Candidates are judged by Swedish and Norwegian academies and institutes on the basis of their contribution to mankind. The awards are usually presented in Stockholm on December 10, with the King of Sweden officiating, an appropriate tribute to Alfred Nobel on the anniversary of his death. Each prize includes a gold medal, a diploma, and a cash award of about one million dollars.

Question 19. A Nobel prize would NOT be given to____.

A. a doctor who discovered a vaccine

B. a composer who wrote a symphony

C. an author who wrote a novel

D. a diplomat who negotiated a peace settlement

Question 20. Why are the awards presented on December 10?

A. Because that date was Nobel’s will.

B. Because Alfred Nobel died on that day.

C. Because it is a tribute to the King.

D. Because Central Bank administers the trust.

Question 21. What does this passage mainly discussed?

A. Alfred Bernard Nobel.

B. Great contributions to mankind.

C. Swedish philanthropy.

D. The Nobel prizes.

Question 22. How often are the Nobel prizes awarded?

A.  Five times a year 

B. Twice a year

C. Once a year

D. Once every two year

V. Choose the word (marked A, B, C, or D) whose stress pattern is different from the.

Question 23.

A. benefit                      B. aspiration

C. understand                D. engineer

Question 24.

A. fortunate                  B. challenge

C. gravity                     D. Vietnamese



Listen to Eric talking to Mary about the weekend. Their friend, Carlos, Is coming to visit them. You will hear the conversation twice. For questions 25-28, choose A, B or C.

Question 25. When is the football match?

A. Saturday morning             

B. Sunday afternoon              

C. Saturday afternoon

Question 26. Where are they going to eat on Saturday evening?

A. at home                             

B. in an Italian restaurant       

C. in a Chinese restaurant

Question 27. What are they going to do on Sunday morning?

A. get up late                         

B. go for a drive                     

C. go to the cinema

Question 28. Where are they going to have lunch on Sunday?

A. in a café                             

B. at home                              

C. in a pub


You will hear a telephone conversation. A girl wants to speak to Martin, but he is not there. Listen and complete questions 29-32. You will hear the conversation twice.

Phone Message

To:             MARTIN

Time: (31)_______

From: (29)_______

Please bring: a friend

Party at: (30)_______

Her phone number: (32)_______


VIII. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning of the provided.

Question 33. The dress is more expensive than the skirt.                              

The skirt ______________.

Question 34. “Turn off all the lights when you go out, Tim.” Jane said.      

Jane _______________.

Question 35. The last time I saw him was in 2005.                                       

I haven’t _______________.

Question 36. It was a bit difficult to get into work this morning.                

Getting _______________.


Imagine that you want to join “Lien Son High School English Speaking Club” (LS ESC) for students. Write a letter of about 100 words to the Club Manager (Mr. Bright) to ask for permission.

You may follow the outline below:

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1 C Question 16 D
Question 2 B Question 17 B
Question 3 D Question 18 C
Question 4 A Question 19 B
Question 5 C Question 20 B
Question 6 C Question 21 D
Question 7 C Question 22 C
Question 8 D Question 23 A
Question 9 B Question 24 D
Question 10 C Question 25 C
Question 11 A Question 26 C
Question 12 A Question 27 B
Question 13 D Question 28 C
Question 14 A Question 29  
Question 15 C Question 30  

Question 29. Elaine

Question 30. The Grand Hotel

Question 31. 8.30 p.m.

Question 32. 7245936

Question 33. The skirt is not (isn’t) as expensive as the dress.

Question 34. Jane told (asked) Tim to turn off the lights when he went out.

Question 35. I haven’t seen him since 2005.

Question 36. Getting into work this morning was a bit difficult.


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