Luyện tập từ vựng Unit 7 Tiếng Anh 11 Friends Global

Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 7 Tiếng Anh 11 Friends Global

Tổng hợp đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 11 tất cả các môn - Chân trời sáng tạo

Toán - Văn - Anh - Lí - Hóa - Sinh

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  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 7 7A. Vocabulary

    1 VOCABULARY Match the photos (A-H) with art forms from the list below. In your opinion, which art form needs the most skill and which the least? Give reasons, using the phrases below to help you. 2 Put the art forms in exercise 1 into four groups. Some can go in more than one group. 3 VOCABULARY Work in pairs. Name one famous person for each type of artists below.

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 7 7B. Grammar

    1 SPEAKING Discuss this question. 2 Read the article above. Was it right to send Beltracchi to prison? Why? / Why not? 3 Match the highlighted passive forms in the article with 1-9 below. Then find two examples of 9. 4 Read the LEARN THIS! box. Make the active sentences passive. Use by where necessary.

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 7 7C. Listening

    1 SPEAKING Work in pairs. Can you recite any poems, lines of poetry or song lyrics by heart in Vietnamese? Were they written recently or a long time ago? Why do you remember them? 2 Read and listen to the poem. Do you think its message is optimistic or pessimistic? What do you think the last line is telling us to do?

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 7 7D. Grammar

    1 SPEAKING Work in pairs. Look at the photo. Do you like the tattoo? Is it a form of art? Does it tell you anything about the woman's personality or not? 2 Read the article. Why do some people think it is necessary to hide their tattoos when they have an interview? 3 Read the Learn this! box. What examples of have something done can you find in the article in exercise 2?

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 7 7E. Word Skills

    1 VOCABULARY Work in pairs. Listen to the musical excerpts. Match the excerpts (1-9) with the musical genres below. 2 Read the article. What is unusual about John Cage's most famous composition? 3 Complete the table with indefinite pronouns from the article.

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