Luyện tập từ vựng Unit 1 Tiếng Anh 11 Friends Global

Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 1 Tiếng Anh 11 Friends Global

Tổng hợp đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 11 tất cả các môn - Chân trời sáng tạo

Toán - Văn - Anh - Lí - Hóa - Sinh

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  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 1 1A. Vocabulary

    1. Speaking: Work in pairs. Can you answer this famous riddle from Sophocles’s play Oedipus the King? Explain your answer. 2. VOCABULARY Number the stages of life in order that people reach them. Then listen and check. 3. Match some of the phrases in exercise 2 with the pictures below of the woman at different stages of her life. 4. VOCABULARY Check the meaning of the life events below. At what age are they most likely to happen, do you think? Put them in groups A – E. Compare your answers with

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 1 1B. Grammar

    1. Look at the photo. How old do you think the woman is? Why do you think she is famous? 2. Read the text and check your ideas. 3. Complete the Learn this! box with the tenses below. Then underline an example of each of the rules (a-d) in the text in exercise 2. 4. Complete this sentence in three different ways using the three tenses in the Learn this! box. Use the verb learn. How does the meaning change? 5. Complete the sentences with the correct past simple, past continuous or past perfect for

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 1 1C. Listening

    1. SPEAKING Work in pairs. Look at the photo. What do you think this app does? Why might some people need it? 2. SPEAKING Read the text and check your answer to exercise 1. Do you think the app would increase or decrease the number of arguments in your family? Why? 3. VOCABULARY Work In pairs. Check the meaning of the adjectives below. Which describe a positive attitude? Which describe a negative attitude? 4. Read the Listening Strategy. Then listen and underline the adjective which best matches

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 1 1D. Grammar

    1. Read and listen to the dialogue between a teenager and his grandfather. Which adjective best sums up the grandfather's attitude: miserable or nostalgic? 2. Read the learn this! box. Underline an affirmative, a negative and an interrogative example of used to in the dialogue in exercise 1. 3. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of used to and the verbs below. 4. PRONUNCIATION Listen and check your answers to exercise 3. How is used to pronounced? 5. Complete these sentences with the co

  • Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 1 1E. Words Skills

    1. Read the article about a film. Explain in your own words what is unusual about the main character. 2. Match the highlighted phrasal verbs in the article with their definitions below. 3. Circle the correct words to complete the Learn this! box. Use the examples in the article to help you. 4. DICTIONARY WORK Read the Dictionary tip. Then find these phrasal verbs in a dictionary and check the difference in meaning between the two- and three-part phrasal verbs. 5. Complete the sentences with two-

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