Tổng hợp 5 đề thi học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 6 Friends Plus có đáp án

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Exercise 1: Odd one out. Exercise 2: Choose the best answer A, B, C or D. Exercise 3: Read the email below and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to fill in the blanks. Exercise 4: Read the passage then answer the questions. Exercise 5: Identify the mistake in each sentence. Exercise 6: Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first one.

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Đề 1

Exercise 1: Odd one out.


A. square                             

B. cathedral               

C. post office                         

D. postman


A. teacher                            

B. better                    

C. larger                                 

D. quieter


A. lucky money                   

B. firework                

C. decorate                            

D. kumquat tree


A. bay                                 

B. cave                      

C. mountain                           

D. calendar


A. talkative                         

B. funny                    

C. helpful                               

D. thin

Exercise 2: Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

6. At Tet, my mom and my grandma usually _____ many traditional dishes. We love it!

A. eat                                      

B. cook                      

C. decorate                            

D. wish

7. I was surprised with the fact that pigs are ______ than dogs.

A. good                                   

B. smart                     

C. smarter                              

D. gooder

8. My friend is interested in paintings so her dad takes her to the ______ on weekends.

A. museum                              

B. cinema                  

C. station                               

D. art gallery

9. He decided to travel the world but then he realized that nowhere is ______ than Viet Nam.

A. beautiful                             

B. peaceful                

C. more beautiful                   

D. noisy

10. - “______________________”

Go along this street. It’s on your right.

A. Where are we now?

B. Excuse me, I get lost!

C. Excuse me, where is the nearest post office?

D. I don’t know where I am now. Can you give me your adress?

11. _______ is older, your grandfather or grandmother?

A. Which                                 

B. Who                      

C. How                                  

D. What

12. This is a difficult question, so only _______ students can answer it.

A. few                                     

B. any                        

C. many                                 

D. a few

13. Children ____ learn another language at the age of six.

A. should                                 

B. must                      

C. mustn’t                              

D. should be

14. _______ this street and turn left in the intersection. The park is on your right.

A. You go along                      

B. Turn right             

C. Take                                  

D. Go along

15. Our country ______ many festivals and celebrations and I really want to know about the origins of them.

A. has                                      

B. include                  

C. contain                              

D. have

16. At Tet, in the northern part of Viet Nam, people usually decorate their house with _______ flowers.

A. apricot                                

B. peach                    

C. rose                                    

D. sunflower

17. Nha Trang beach is one of the beautiful ______ in Viet Nam.

A. place                                   

B. area                       

C. destination                        

D. destinations

18. You should _____ the door before entering others’ rooms.

A. knocks                                

B. knock                    

C. knocking                           

D. visit

19. There _____ two parks and a lake in my neighbourhood.

A. is                                         

B. are                         

C. am                                     

D. be

20. Ha Long Bay has thousands of big and small _______.

A. natural                                

B. nature                   

C. island                                 

D. islands

Exercise 3: Read the email below and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to fill in the blanks.

Dear An,

Let’s (21)____________on Sunday afternoon at An Café on Truong Cong Giai Street. There’s a park on the corner of the street. The café is next to the park. We can also go for a walk after taking our drinks. There’s also a cinema opposite the café (22)_________we can see a film after we have coffee. Which one do you prefer?

To (23)__________to the café, take bus (24)__________8 to Quang Trung Street. Get off at the bus stop in front of a park. Go along the street (25)_________ you get to the traffic lights and then turn right. Take the first turning on your right. Go straight ahead – just about 500 metres and it’s on your left.

Your friend,



A. meeting                        

B. see                        

C. meet                                  

D. go


A. because                         

B. even                      

C. despite                               

D. so


A. catch                             

B. get                        

C. drive                                  

D. be


A. number                         

B. letter                     

C. address                              

D. sign


A. so                                  

B. until                      

C. but                                     

D. although

Exercise 4: Read the passage then answer the questions.


Da Nang has a population of nearly 800,000 people. The Han River flows through the city. The city part on the east bank is newer and more spacious. The city part on the west bank is more crowded. There are five bridges across the river. The Han River Bridge is the newest one now.

The cost of living in Da Nang is the lowest in Central Viet Nam. Da Nang has many beaches. Among them, Non Nuoc Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But walking in the streets on a summer afternoon is not a good idea in Da Nang. There are not many trees so there are not many shadows. It is often very hot at noon.

26. What is the population of Da Nang?

27. Which part of the city is more spacious?

28. Which part of the city is more crowded?

29. Which bridge is the newest?

30. What is Non Nuoc Beach like?

Exercise 5: Identify the mistake in each sentence.

31. There are some apple juice and some lemonade. Which one do you prefer?

32. I would like to give my sister some advices on some dishes she should try in Da Nang city.

33. My parents always tells us to keep quiet in a public place.

34. How many bread do you want?

35. Children should to do morning exercises to stay healthy.

Exercise 6: Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first one.

36. How many times a week do you go to the library?

→  How…….…………………………………………………………………………………………

37. We have no oil left in the kitchen.

→  There …….………………………………………………………………………………………..

38. She has three dolls and two teddy bears in her room.

→  There …..………………………………………………………………………………………….

39. It is good to finish your homework after school.

→  You should…………………………………………………………………………………………

40. Living in a city is noisier than living in a countryside.

→  Living in a countryside ….…………………………………………………………………………

---------------THE END---------------

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Đề 2


I. Listen to the conversation and choose the correct words.

1. There are five / seven people in Carla’s family.

2. Carla has got two / five sisters.

3. Max is the oldest / youngest child in the family.

4. Max goes / doesn’t go to school.

5. Max is twenty / twenty-two years old.

6. Max works at a sports centre / school.

7. Max is / isn’t working today.

8. Max works / doesn’t work on Mondays.

9. Carla can / can’t swim.

10. Carla never / often goes to the sports centre.


II. Write the opposite of the adjectives.

11. clean

12. noisy  

13. pretty  

14. safe

15. friendly  

d _ _ _ y

q _ _ _ t

u _ _ y

d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s

u _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ y

III. Match the words.

16. have                                 

17. watch                               

18. wear                                 

19. give                                  

20. brush                                

a. your teeth

b. a present

c. a costume

d. lunch

e. TV

IV. Odd one out.

21. square

22. genius

23. maths

24. celebrate

25. jump

















V. Choose the correct words.

26. Are there a / any parks in your city?

27. How / What many students are there in your class?

28. Are there / There are some good restaurants in my street.

29. Is there / There is a café in the bus station?

30. Are there any bears in the zoo? Yes, there is / are.

VI. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

                 best                       easiest                most               older                   smaller

31. My town isn’t big. It’s ________ than London.

32. Amy is a genius. She’s the ________ student in our class.

33. I’m eleven and you’re thirteen. You’re ________ than me.

34. Exercise 1 isn’t difficult. It’s the ________ exercise in the textbook.

35. It’s the ________ interesting book in the library.

VII. Choose the correct words.

36. What time you go / do you go to bed?

37. We doesn’t / don’t go to school on Sundays.

38. Our teacher can swim / swims well.

39. My brother doesn’t / don’t like fireworks.

40. They do / Do they help with the housework?

41. I get / gets up at 8.00.

42. My sister study / studies French at school.

43. You can / Can you climb that tree?

44. She don’t watch / watches TV in the morning.

45. Does / Do your dad speak English?

VIII. Complete the sentences.

46. Is Joseph ________ TV right now? (watch)

47. My friends are ________ football today. (play)

48. Sam is ________ an email at the moment. (write)

49. We aren’t __________ to music today. (listen)

50. What is your sister ________ now? (do)


IX. Read the text and choose the correct answer.


During the day West College is a normal school. Students arrive at 8:30 in the morning. They're between ten and sixteen years old, and they study the usual subjects, such as maths, English, and geography. At 4:30 in the afternoon, the school day finishes, and the students go home. But the school doesn't close. In the evening it becomes busy again. More students start to arrive, and at 7:00 p.m. lessons start again. But these lessons are different – the students are adults! They come to evening classes because they want to learn about things that interest them. For example, there are lessons in art, languages, and cooking. All the students are over thirty, and many of them are at work during the day. The oldest student is Eva. She's seventy-eight! She comes to West. College twice a week to study music. “I've got a lot of free time,” she says, “and I love music. I'm not studying for an exam. I'm studying for fun!”

51. Students ____ at 8.30 a.m.

A. start school                       

B. go home                                                                         

52. Students at West College ____ English.

A. study                                

B. don’t study                                                                    

53. West College ____ in the evening.

A. closes                                

B. doesn’t close                                                                  

54. In the evening ____ come to West College.

A. adults                                

B. young people

55. Eva ____ studying for a music exam.

A. is                                       

B. isn’t


X. Choose the correct words.

56.     A:  How far / many is the library from here?

          B:  It’s about ten minutes on foot.

57.     A:  Thanks for your help.

          B:  You’re please / welcome.

58.     A:  Let’s / We go to the dance competition!

          B:  OK. Great!

59.     A:  Is it OK if I go to Mike’s house?

          B:  No, I’m afraid / safe you can’t.

60.     A:  How do you check / spell your name?

          B:  It’s A-M-E-L-I-A.


XI. Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box. Use each phrase more than once.

                    also                     such as                     so                        for  example

61. I like apples, but I ________ like oranges.

62. I have an exam tomorrow, ______ I am revising.

63. Some animals are dangerous. ___________, some scorpions can kill a human.

64. I went to London last year. I ________ visited Rome.

65. I like traveling, ____ I have an expensive suitcase.

66. There is a theatre in our town. There is _______ a cinema.

67. I like doing things with my friends, ________ playing football or watching a film.

68. We can help our parents at home. ____________, we can help with the housework.

69. I’m studying Italian at school, _____ I need to buy a dictionary.

70. Eagles eat lots of small animals, _______ rats, fish and snakes.

---------------THE END---------------

Đề 3


I. Listen and fill in the blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

I think Christmas is one of (1)______________ times of the year. Everyone has (2)__________on their face, especially children. It’s such an exciting time for kids. They (3)_________ wait to open their presents and play with all of their new games and toys. It’s a (4)__________ for adults too. They can catch up with their families and relax. Traditionally, the mother of the family is (5)__________ at Christmas. She does most of the Christmas shopping and (6)___________ the presents. Of course, she also spends hours (7)___________ Christmas dinner. Let’s not forget the (8)____________ of Christmas, though. It is not about shopping and Christmas trees and ‘Frosty the Snowman’. It’s about (9)______ for each other and peace around the world. Let’s hope this message (10)__________ .


II. Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part.


A. subject                        

B. houses                               

C.  school                              

D. forest


A. cheaper                       

B. perfect                              

C. cinema                              

D. mother

III. Find the word which has a different stress pattern from the others.


A. special                         

B. prepare                              

C. office                                

D. costume


A. interesting                   

B. important                          

C. longitude                          

D. animal


IV. Choose the correct answer for each question.

15. I  ________ at school at the weekend.

A. is                                       

B. am                                     

C. are                                     

D. be

16. ________ trees and flowers are there in your garden?

A. How much                        

B. How many                        

C. How fast                           

D. How a lot

17. Alex always wears jeans but today he ________ a formal suit.

A. wears                                

B. to wearing                         

C. is wearing                         

D. wear

18. You look _______ than usual. Do you need help?

A. tireder                               

B. the tiredest                        

C. less tired                           

D. more tired

19. A camel can _____ up to 6  months without drinking water.

A. survive                              

B. survived                            

C. be survived                       

D. surviving

20. I like learning _______ because I can understand the past.

A. History                             

B. Geography                        

C. Math                                 

D. English

21. _______ do you go to school? – On foot.

A. What                                 

B. How                                  

C. When                                

D. Which

22. Mary is ________ of the twins.

A. the taller                            

B. the tallest                          

C. taller                                 

D. tallest

23. How _______ is an elephant? – About 4000 kilos.

A. fat                                     

B. weight                               

C. heavy                                

D. fast

24. I have got_______ Math homework today.

A. loads of                             

B. a lot                                   

C. many                                 

D. a few

25. We enjoy _______ English because we want to study abroad.

A. studying                           

B. to study                             

C. study                                

D. studies

26. Are you free to ________ lunch with me today?

A. go                                     

B. eating                                

C. have                                  

D. make

27. Mary studies French at school, ____ she has to buy a dictionary.

A. and                                    

B. but                                    

C. or                                      

D. so

28. Is there ______ university here your new house?

A. any                                    

B. an                                      

C. a                                        

D. the

29. How can you _______ “Hello” in Chinese?

A. say                                    

B. spell                                  

C. talk                                   

D. speak

V. Find a mistake and correct it.

30. Peter don’t have English today but he has History.

A. don’t                                 

B. have                                  

C. today                                

D. has

31. How about giving him a presents on his 20th birthday.

A. How                                 

B. giving                                

C. presents                            

D. on

32. He is such a Math genius. He is the goodest student in my class.

A. such                                  

B. the                                     

C. goodest                             

D. in

33. Tom usually goes to school on foot, but today his father drives him there.

A. goes                                  

B. on                                      

C. drives                                

D. there


VI. Choose the suitable response for each situation below.

34. Mark and Tom am reading books in the library.

Mark: Can you help me with something?

Tom: __________

A. Of course not.                                                                  

C. Sure. How may I help you?

B. Let’s me tell it later.                                                        

D. How about reading books.

35. Alice and her mom are in the kitchen.

Alice: Thanks for helping me to cook this pasta.

Mom: ___________

A. You’re welcome.                                                             

C. I’m glad you love me.

B. What about your recipe?                                                  

D. No worries.


VII. Choose the correct answer to complete the following passage.

(36) _______ would life be like without music? I wonder how music started. It is an important part of every culture (37) ______ Earth. Some people think our (38) _______ in music starts before we were born. Music is an essential part of my day. It changes (39) ________ feeling and puts me in a good mood. There’s nothing (40) _______ to do on a train or bus than put on my headphones. I like all kinds of music, from classical and opera to jazz, rock and world music.


A. What                           

B. How                                  

C. Which                               

D. Why


A. in                                

B. on                                      

C. upon                                 

D. into


A. interesting                   

B. interested                          

C. interest                              

D. interests


A. my                              

B. your                                  

C. our                                    

D. their


A. worse                          

B. better                                

C. less                                    

D. much

VIII. Read the text and choose the correct answer for each question.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan. In Tokyo, there are always too many people in the places where you want to come.

People are very polite even when they often spend a long time on traffic jams. Tokyo is different from London when you want to walk to a place.

During the day, most people travel to work by train. Tokyo people buy six million train tickets every day. Although they are usually crowded, Japanese trains are very good. They always leave and arrive on time. On a London train, everybody in a seat seems to be asleep whether the journey is long or short.

The worst time to be in the street at night is about 11.30 when the nightclubs are closing and everybody wants to go home.

41. Tokyo is different from London because …….

A. it has a larger population                                                 

B. it is a noisy city          

C. it is more difficult to walk to somewhere                                                      

D. its people are friendly and more polite

42. When does the writer think the worst time to go into the street?

A. When the nightclubs are closing.                                     

B. At 8.00 am.           

C. When the trains are full.                                                           

D. at 11.30 am.

43. What does the writer think of Japanese trains?

A. They are very nice and comfortable.                                

B. There are not enough trains.      

C. They often run late.                                      

D. They leave and arrive on time.

44. In London trains, every British in a seat ……………….

A. reads a newspaper

C. talks with other people                                                          

B. looks like being asleep                                                    

D. looks out of the window

45. Which statement is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Most people in Tokyo travel to work by train.

B. It is very difficult to go around in Tokyo.

C. When Japanese people are on traffic jams, they are not polite.

D. Trains in Tokyo are very good - they always leave and arrive on time.


IX. Rewrite the sentence using the words given.

46. My school has 2000 students.

There are _________________________________.

47. Jack is taller than anyone else in his club.

Jack _____________________________________.

48. Elephants are able to hear with their ears and their feet.

Elephants can _____________________________.

49. Helen finds it interesting to learn Italian.

Italian ___________________________________.

50. Nam is eleven years old. His brother is fourteen years old.

Nam is ___________________________________.

X. Make questions for the underlined parts below.

51. There are 2000 students in my new school.


52. Jack is the tallest person in his club.


53. Elephants can hear with their ears and their feet.


54. Helen loves studying Italian because she wants to live in Rome.


55. Anna goes jogging in the park every afternoon.


----------------------THE END----------------------

Đề 4

Exercise 1: Choose the word which has the different sound in the underlined part.


A. advice                             

B. price                      

C. decide                                

D. police


A. sure                                 

B. sink                       

C. special                               

D. suburb


A. break                              

B. mean                     

C. repeat                                

D. peaceful


A. holiday                           

B. modern                 

C. educate                              

D. calendar


A. talkative                         

B. rooster                  

C. furniture                            

D. festival

Exercise 2: Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

6. My father thinks we _____ paint our bedroom blue instead of orange.

A. should                                

B. may                       

C. shoulds                              

D. might

7. If you practise English conversations every day, I believe your speaking skill will get ______.

A. good                                   

B. the better              

C. better                                 

D. gooder

8. My mom asks me to buy some fruit when we go to the ______ this afternoon.

A. school                                 

B. bookshop              

C. post office                         

D. supermarket

9. I live in a _______ neighbourhood. There are a lot of stores near my house.

A. quiet                                   


C. quite                                  

D. noisy

10. Students ______ copy others’ work during every examination.

A. should                                

B. shouldn’t              

C. mustn’t                              

D. must

11. You should bring your _______ when you go to the beach to protect your skin.

A. compass                              

B. suncream              

C. sunburnt                            

D. ice-cream

12. My foreign friends _____ really excited to celebrate Tet with us this year.

A. be                                       

B. are                         

C. is                                        

D. am

13. I don’t think that you ________ up all night to study before the exam even though you feel nervous.

A. should                                 

B. stay                       

C. should stay                        

D. should be

14. _________ apples do you have, little Max? – I have three.

A. How much                          

B. How                      

C. What                                  

D. How many

15. “Mom, _______ flour do you need to make that cake?” – About 300 grams.

A. How much                          

B. How                      

C. What                                  

D. How many

16. Mary always brings her blue pen to the examination. It is her ____ pen.

A. lucky                                  

B. expensive              

C. better                                 

D. gooder

17. On New Year’s _____, our family usually gather together and eat a big meal.

A. night                                   

B. day                       

C. Eve                                    

D. evenings

18. I really want to ____ Ha Long Bay when the pandemic ends. 

A. visits                                   

B. visit                       

C. going                                 

D. go

19. We usually ______ our house with colorful plants and flowers in Tet.

A. build                                   

B. express                  

C. decorate                             

D. decide

20. Nam, can you check the fridge for me please! Is there _____ milk left?

A. some                                   

B. a bottle                 

C. a can                                  

D. any

Exercise 3: Read the passage and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to fill in the blanks.

My neighbourhood is in the suburbs of Da Nang city. I like (21) _____ here because of many interesting things in my neighbourhood. There are many tall (22) _______and big houses here. My neighbourhood also has many stores, two markets, a post office, a bank, a stadium so it is very (23) ______ for local people. There are many trees around here so the air is very fresh. In my neighbourhood there is a big flower field with many kinds of flowers, therefore it is very (24) _____ in the spring. Moreover the people here are friendly and (25) ____. The visitors always come to visit my neighbourhood and they want to stay here longer.


A. stay                               

B. stays                     

C. living                                 

D. lives


A. buildings                      

B. building                

C. shop                                   

D. store


A. inconvenient                 

B. comfort                 

C. impossible                         

D. convenient


A. comfortable                  

B. stinky                    

C. beautiful                            

D. warm


A. unfriendly                    

B. helpful                  

C. cruel                                  

D. rude

Exercise 4: Read the passage then choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to each question.

Experts think that it is a good idea for children to learn not just one, but two foreign languages. They say that learning two foreign languages develops children's minds and increases their knowledge of other culture. The experts also believe that the two foreign languages children learn should be completely different from one another, for example, English and Chinese, or French and Japanese. In addition, they say that children should start to learn foreign languages as early as possible, from the age of about six.

26. According to experts, children ________.

A. shouldn't learn foreign languages

B. should learn two foreign languages

C. shouldn't learn more than two foreign languages

D. should learn just one foreign language 

27. What does the word "they" in bold refer to?

A. children                              

B. cultures                 

C. languages                          

D. experts

28. Children should learn _________.

A. two foreign languages which are the same

B. two foreign languages which are completely different from one another

C. all other options are correct

D. one language

29. Which of the following is not true?

A. Learn foreign languages is good for children.

B. Children should start to learn foreign languages from the age of about six.

C. Children should start to learn foreign languages early.

D. Children should start to learn foreign languages late.

30. According to the experts, when should children begin exploring a new language?

A. as early as possible                                                

B. about six years old

C. not mentioned                                                       

D. about seven years old

Exercise 5: Identify the mistake in each sentence.

31. Despite being the youngest, Nam is the tall person in his family.

32. Because Mary listens to that song repeatedly, she never gets bored of it.

33. Would you like any yogurt after dinner? My mom has just made some.

34. Children should stay up late at night because they will feel tired the next day.

35. My parents always tell us that we shouldn’t respect others’ opinions and be kind to everyone around.

Exercise 6: Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first one.

36. It is good if we can use less plastic bags.

-> We should …………………………………………………………………………………………

37. Peter thinks reading books is more boring than watching movies.

-> Peter thinks ………………………………………………………………………………………..

38. There are twenty-five classrooms in our school.

-> Our school………………………………………………………………………………………….

39. It is wrong of students to copy others’ answers during examinations.

-> Students must ………………………………………………………………………………………

40. My neighbourhood is noisier than yours.

-> Your neighbourhood ………………………………………………………………………………

-------------------------THE END-------------------------

Đề 5


Exercise 1: You are going to hear Nam talking about what he and his brother will do to prepare for Tet holiday, decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. Nam and his brother feel tired when they prepare for Tet.

2. Nam’s brother likes to clean the floor.

3. Nam will wash the dishes and clean the sofa.

4. They have a washing machine.

5. There is a big garden in front of their house.


Exercise 2: Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

6. “______ do you visit your hometown?” – “Once every two or three months.”

A. How                                   

B. What                     

C. How far                             

D. How often

7. The new instructor at the gym is excellent. He is very _______ with us.

A. good                                   

B. patient                  

C. negative                             

D. funny

8. Linh has a fever after getting vaccinated. She _______ have a day off today.

A. musts                                  

B. mustn’t                 

C. should                               

D. shouldn’t

9. The bigger the house is, the ______ furniture it needs.

A. more                                   

B. bigger                   

C. larger                                 

D. less

10. If you go hiking, you _____ wear good trainers instead of those sandals.

A. should                                

B. shouldn’t              

C. mustn’t                              

D. do

11. There isn’t ____ sugar in the jar. Can you go buy some for me, please?

A. a                                         

B. an                          

C. any                                    

D. some

12. There are ______ flowers in the garden. It’s a gift from my dad for my mom’s birthday.

A. a                                         

B. an                          

C. any                                    

D. some

13. Mike always rides his bike to school but today he _______ with us.

A. walked                               

B. go                         

C. going                                 

D. is walking

14. “_____ is it from your house to your school?” – “About 3 kilometers.”

A. How far                              

B. How                      

C. What                                  

D. How many

15. “Kate, _______ oranges do you need?” – About five.

A. How much                          

B. How                      

C. What                                  

D. How many

16. She is coming ______ than I.

A. earlier                                 

B. more early            

C. early                                  

D. more earlier

17. His headache is now ______ than it was yesterday.

A. bad                                     

B. worse                    

C. more worse                        

D. worst

18. My flat is _____ no. 23 Nguyen Minh Khai Street.

A. on                                       

B. at                          

C. in                                       

D. under

19. It takes us seven hours to go from this city ______ his hometown.

A. on                                       

B. at                          

C. to                                       

D. under

20. My brother _______ football with his friends at the park now.

A. play                                    

B. is playing              

C. do                                      

D. is doing

Exercise 3: Read the passage and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to fill in the blanks.

Viet Nam is in the South-East Asia. It has (21) ______ of beautiful mountains, rivers and beaches. (22) _______ are two long rivers: the Red River in the north and the Mekong River in the (23) ______. The Mekong River is the (24) _______ river in the South-East Asia and of course it is longer than the Red River. Fansipan is (25) _______ mountain in Viet Nam. It is 3143 meters height. Viet Nam also has many nice beaches such as Tra Co, Sam Son. Nha Trang and Vung Tau.


A. many                            

B. some                     

C. a lot                                   

D. much


A. They                             

B. Their                     

C. They’re                              

D. There


A. south                            

B. east                       

C. west                                   

D. north


A. long                              

B. longest                  

C. longer                                

D. the longer


A. high                              

B. the higher              

C. higher                                

D. the highest

Exercise 4: Read the passage then choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to each question.

We all live in a society and are all bound to a neighbourhood. Neighbourhood is very important and it does definitely have an impact on what we are and how and where we live in. I live in a great and wonderful neighbourhood. It is very pleasant and has many facilities. With a good park nearby, making it the main attraction, our neighbourhood also has many other added bonuses. The grocery store is nearby which makes it easy for all residents to make an immediate purchase, we have a bus stop close by, so that people do not have to travel long for means of transportation. The park is what makes it a lot more beautiful as it is well maintained and makes it a gathering place for all my neighbours in the evening for chit chatting and playing for kids. There is good air and we enjoy the evenings while we are at this park.

26. According to the author, neighbourhood ________.

A. is not too crucial to people.

B. plays an important role in human’s life.

C. is the place where our ancestors lived.

D. must have many facilities.

27. What does the word "it" in bold refer to?

A. the park                              

B. facilities                

C. the author’s neighbourhood          

D. society

28. What is the main attraction of the neighbourhood?

A. the bus stop                        

B. the grocery            

C. the park                                         

D. the playground

29. The author’s neighbourhood has many facilities and places except for ______.

A. the bus stop                        

B. the grocery            

C. the park                                         

D. the cinema

30. _____  close by helps the residents travel more easily. 

A. the bus stop                        

B. the grocery            

C. the park                                         

D. the cinema

Exercise 5: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word given.

31. A trip to Fan Si Pan is an (forget) ________ experience.

32. You must take an umbrella because it’s (rain)______ in Mui Ne at this time of year.

33. The lion is one of (fast) _______ animals that live on land.

34. A butterfly is more (colour) _______ than a monkey.

35. Walking across the desert is (bad) _____ experience I’ve ever had.

Exercise 6: Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first one.

36. The Nile is longer than any other river in the world.

→ The Nile …………………………………………………………………………………………

37. It is good for people to exchange New Year’s wishes at Tet.

→  People ….………………………………………………………………………………………..

38. Leeds castle is the loveliest castle in the world.

→  No castle………………………………………………………………………………………….

39. My parents’ room has a desk, chairs, a big bed and a computer.

→  There  …….………………………………………………………………………………………

40. We have a plan to visit our hometown next weekend.

→  We are ……………………………………………………………………………………………

-------------------THE END-------------------

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