Pronunciation - trang 13 Unit 7 SBT Tiếng anh 10 mới

Look at the stress patterns of the sets of words below and practice saying them correctly.

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Bài 1

Task 1. Look at the stress patterns of the sets of words below and practise saying them correctly.

Nhìn vào các mẫu trọng âm của các từ bên dưới và thực hành nói cho đúng.

in'crease (v)

de'crease (v)

per'fect (v)

pre'sent (v) 

re'bel (v)

con'trast (v)

re'cord (v)

'increase (n)

'decrease (n)

'perfect (adj)

'present (adj-n)

'rebel (n)

'contrast (n)

'record (n)


Bài 2

Task 2   Read the sentences and decide what stress pattern the words in bold have.

Đọc các câu và quyết định kiểu trọng âm những từ in đậm có.

1. There is an increase in the number of Vietnamese women taking the roles of leaders in their organizations.

2. You need to perfect yourself in order to look for a perfect life partner.

3. For some teenagers, when they rebel against their parents, they act as rebels.

4. If you volunteer to present about that cultural aspect, you will get a present from the teacher.

5. If you really want to get to know about their culture, you need to go there to record their daily activities as well as festivals.

Lời giải chi tiết:

1. 'increase

2. per'fect; 'perfect

3. re’bel; 'rebels

4. pre'sent; 'present

5. re'cord

Tạm dịch: 

1. increase (v): tăng 

2. perfect (v): hoàn hảo  

3. rebel (v): bạo loạn, nổi loại 

4. present (v): trình diện

5. record (v): ghi lại

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