Tổng hợp 3 đề thi giữa học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 4 Family and Friends có đáp án

Listen and tick (√). Odd one out. Look and write. Choose the correct answers. Write the words in the correct order.

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Đề 1

I. Listen and tick (√).


Favorite day(s) of the week






1. Duy






2. Ha






3. Hoang






4. Thu






II. Odd one out.

5. A. firefighter

B. farmer

C. farm

D. student

6. A. eyes

B. have

C. hair

D. mouth

7. A. school

B. hospital

C. airport

D. noodles

8A. plum

B. bread

C. pizza

D. spaghetti

9. A. fly

B. learn

C. feed

D. some

IIILook and write.


IV. Choose the correct answers.

16. She ______ long black hair.

A. have

B. has

C. having

17. We have English _______ Mondays.

A. at 

B. in

C. on

18. ______ you work in an office?

A. Does 

B. Do

C. Are

19. Doctors _______ sick people.

A. help

B. helps

C. helping

20. This is Alice. She is ______ sister.

A. Anna’s

B. Anna

C. Annas’

V. Write the words in the correct order.

21. doesn’t/ He/ in/ a/ store/ work


22. like/ pizza/ you/ or noodles/ Would


23. she/ What/ like/ does


24. curly/ My/ has/ brother/ hair


25. police/ He’s/ officer/ a


                                                -------------------THE END-------------------

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Đề 2

I. Look and write.

II. Choose the correct answers.

7. My favorite _______ is blue.

A. food

B. color

C. job

8. _______ grow food.

A. Doctors

B. Pilots

C. Farmers

9. She is a teacher. She ______ at a school.

A. teaches   

B. teach

C. teaching

10. _______ he work in the office?

A. Do

B. Does

C. Are

11. ________ pizza?

A. Would you

B. You like would

C. Would you like

10. This my my brother. He _____ short curly hair.

A. has

B. having

C. have

11. ______ you like milk?

A. Are

B. Does

C. Do

III. Read and complete sentences.

Hello, my name’s Billy. This is my family. We are having lunch together. I like pizza. My favorite drink is orange juice. My sister’s Rosy. She likes noodles. She doesn't like rice. My mom likes noodles, too. Her favorite drink is lemon juice. My Dad likes rice and chicken.

- Billy likes (14) ____ and (15) ______.

- Rosy and her mom like (16) _________.

- Billy's mom's favorite drink is (17) _______.

- Rosy doesn't like (18) ______.

- Billy's father likes (19) _______ and (20) ______.

IV. Write questions for the answers.

21. _________________________?

- Mary would like a bubble tea.

22. _________________________?

- Billy likes pizza.

23. _________________________?

- The ball is under the bed.

24. _________________________?

- Yes, he does. My dad works in an airport.

25. _________________________?

- No, she doesn’t. My sister doesn’t work in a hospital.

                                                -------------------THE END-------------------

Đề 3

I. Listen. Check.


II. Choose the correct answers.

6. A _______ flies a plane.

A. teacher

B. farmer

C. pilot

7. Would you like chiken? - _____, thanks. I would like pizza.

A. Yes

B. No


8. He _______ rice and chicken.

A. liking  

B. likes

C. like

9. They _______ in a bank.

A. work

B. working

C. works

19. My dad is a farmer. He works in a _______.

A. hospital

B. school

C. farm

11. This is ______ brother.

A. Tessa  

B. Tessa’

C. Tessa’s

12. My mother ______ short hair.

A. has

B. have

C. having

III. Read and complete sentences, using NO MORE THAN THREE words for each blank.

A. Hi! I’m Emma. I’m nine, and nine is my favorite number. My favorite color is blue. I also have a favorite day: it’s Friday. This is my cousin Ben. He’s ten. His favorite color is red, and his favorite number is eleven. Ben, what’s your favorite day?

B. Hi, my name’s Zack, and this is my sister Sarah. I’m nine. I have black, curly hair. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite day is Saturday. Sarah is seven. She has long hair. Her favorite day is Sunday, and her favorite number is twenty.

- Ben is (13) ________ cousin.

- (14) ________ has long hair.

- Zack has (15) ________ hair.

- (16) _________ favourite (17) ________ is red.

- (18)  _________ favourite (19) ________ is nine.

- Sarah’s favorite day is (20) ________.

V. Look and answer. There is one example.

21. Does your mom work in a store?

No, she doesn’t. She is a teacher.

22. Does your grandpa work in a farm?


23. Does your brother work in an airport?


24. Does your sister work in a bank?


25. Does your dad work in a hospital?


                                                -------------------THE END-------------------

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