Phonetics - trang 11 - Unit 2 - SBT tiếng anh lớp 9 mới

Practise reading the short conversations, paying attention to the difference in the underlined pronouns.

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Bài 1

Task 1. Practise reading the short conservations, paying attention to the difference in the underlined pronouns.
(Luyện đọc những cuộc đối thoại ngắn, chú ý tới những đại từ gạch chân.)

Đáp án:

1. Mi: She’s still sleeping. (she: weak)

Mai: Is she? (she: strong)

2. Chau: You don’t seem happy about the new gym being built. (You: weak)

Duong: I don’t? What about you? (I, you: strong)

3. Daughter: Everybody’s going to the party. What about us, mom? Shall we go, too? (us, we: strong)

Mother: I won’t. But you can go. (I, you: strong)

4. Nick: They live in the inner city, but they’re homeless. (They, they: weak)

Phong: Are they? (they: strong) Where do they sleep at night? (they: weak) 


Bài 2

Task 2. Mark the underlined words as W (weak) or S (strong). Then act out the conservations with a partner.

(Đánh dấu W (cho những từ không nhấn mạnh) và dấu S (cho những từ nhấn mạnh) cho những từ dưới đây. Rồi thực hiên lại cuộc đới thoại với một người bạn.)

 Đáp án:

1. A: Look at those people over there. Do you (W) know them (W)?

B: I know her (S), but I don't know him (S).

2. A: Who broke that vase?

B: You (S) did!

A: No i(S) didn't, you (S) did!

3. A: Are you (W) feeling all right?

B: i (S) am, but my dog isn't.

4. A: She (S) said she (S) knew the way.

B: But she's (S) not here now.

Bài 3

Task 3. Work with a partner. Create a similar conservation in which there are pronous pronounced in strong and weak forms.

Làm việc nhóm với bạn. Tạo một cuộc đối thoại mà có những đại từ nhấn mạnh và không nhấn mạnh.

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