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  • 5.1 Vocabulary

    1. Look at the three news headlines and discuss which one you think is true. Explain why. 2. Read the article again and answer the questions.3. Complete the list below with the verbs in red in the text. Then listen, check and repeat.

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  • 5.2 Grammar

    1. Discuss in pairs: Do you trust the information on Facebook? Why (not)? 2. Read the following sentences. What sentences have in common? 3. Read the GRAMMAR FOCUS and replace If... not in the above sentences with Unless.

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  • 5.3. Listening

    1. Describe these artworks murals by controversial British artist Banksy. Discuss what you think they mean. 2. Listen to a news report about Banksy. Tick the information if it has been confirmed. If not, put a question mark. 3. Add pro- or anti- to the following words to describe whether you think Banksy is for or against these things. Then listen and check.

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  • 5.4 Reading

    1. Discuss the questions. 2. Choose the correct option. Then read the text and check your ideas. 3. Read the article again. Complete the sentences with up to five words from the article in the correct form.4. Complete the phrases with the verbs in blue in the text. Then listen, check and repeat.

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  • 5.5 Grammar

    1. Read the text and find out what these two British actors think about their screen characters. 2. Read the text again and match the real situations with the real results or consequences. 3. Match the four conditional sentences in blue in the text with the four real situations and results in Exercise 2.

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  • 5.6 Use of English

    1. Decide whether you think the following statements are true (T) or false (F). Then read the article to check your ideas. 2. Read and complete the LANGUAGE FOCUS with the examples in blue from the article.3. Match the words from boxes A and B to make common compound colour adjectives. What things can you describe using these colours?

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  • 5.7 Writing

    1. Discuss the questions in groups. 2. Read the review. If you have seen Stranger Things, do you agree with the writer's opinion of it? If you haven't, does the review make you want to watch the series? Explain your answers. 3. Read the review again and match points a-d below with paragraphs 1-4.

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  • 5.8 Speaking

    1. Match the issues with the photos. What of the following issues can be seen most serious on social media platforms in Việt Nam? Why do you think so? 2. Read and listen to the dialogue between Lan and Richard. Complete the dialogue with ONE OR TWO WORDS. 3. Complete the SPEAKING FOCUS with the words in the box. Then listen again and check.

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  • Focus Review 5

    1. Match the words in box A with the words in box B to make collocations, then complete the sentences with the collocations in the correct form. 2. Complete the sentences with words from the unit. The first letter of each word is given.3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use mixed conditionals.

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