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  • Lesson One

    Listen, point and repeat. Listen and chant. Listen and read. Did Leo and Amy have a great vacation?

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  • Lesson Two

    Listen to the story and repeat. Listen and say. Look, read, and circle. Read the story again and complete the sentences.

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  • Lesson Three

    Look. Then ask and answer about their last vacation. Write about four sentences. Use wasn’t, weren’t, or didn’t have. Listen and sing. Sing and do.

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  • Lesson Four

    Listen, point, and repeat. Listen and chant. Read the chant again. Under the words that end with nd, nt, and mp. Then say. Write the words. Circle the end letters nd, nt, and mp Then say.

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  • Lesson Five

    Listen, point, and repeat. Look at the text. What festivals can you see in the photos? Listen and read. Read again and write T (true) or F (false). What’s your favorite festival?

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  • Lesson Six

    Listen and write the numbers. Look at the picture and say. Say what the weather was like last week/ yesterday. Write an email to a friend. Use the example to help you.

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