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  • Lesson One

    Listen, point and repeat. Listen and chant. Listen and read. Are they at a museum?

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  • Lesson Two

    Listen to the story and repeat. Listen and say. Complete the sentences. Look and write about a party last Saturday.

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  • Lesson Three

    Look and say. Listen and sing. Sing and do.

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  • Lesson Four

    Listen, point, and repeat. Listen and chant. Read the chant again. Under the words that end with ld and lt. Then say. Complete the words with ld or lt. Then say.

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  • Lesson Five

    Ben Thanh market is in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City. It's over one hundred years old, so it's very old. In 1912, there weren't any cars or motorcycles. It was easy to go to the market on foot or by bike.

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  • Lesson Six

    Listen and write the numbers. Point and say. Say what your town or city was like a long time ago. Write about a place that you know. Use the example to help you.

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