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    Tổng hợp từ vựng CLIL Tiếng Anh 7 English Discovery

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  • CLIL 1

    1. Match the photos A-C with paragraphs 1-3. 2. Read the article again and tick the appropriate column.3. PROJECT. Work in groups. Use the Internet to find out about a popular type of art in your country. Make notes about : 4. PROJECT Project. Write a paragraph (60-80 words) about the dance in Exercise 3.

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  • CLIL 2

    1. Look at the covers of three books about animals. What do you know about them? 2. Read the text. Which of the books from Exercise 1 is the text about? 3. Read the text again and complete the fact file.4. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask your partner questions about the book. 5. PROJECT Think about your favourite book about animals, or use the Internet to research a book about an animal. Make notes about: 6. PROJECT Write a fact file and a short summary (60-80 words) about the book in Exercise

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  • CLIL 3

    1. Read the article and circle the location of Văn Miếu on the map.2. Read the article again. What happened in the following years? 3. Work in pairs. If you have an important exam, would you like to visit The Temple of Literature? Why / Why not? 4. Use the Internet to find out about a historic building in your area. Make notes about : 5. Write a paragraph (60-80 words) about the building in Exercise 4. Add pictures. Then present it to your class.

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  • CLIL 4

    1. In groups of four, discuss all what you know about antibiotics. Then share with the class. 2. Read the text and match the information A-D with sections 1-4. 3. Read the text and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).4. Work in pairs. Why do you think people often take unnecessary antibiotics? 5. PROJECT Use the Internet to search for information about : 6. PROJECT Write a report (60-80 words) about the information you find in Exercise 5. Present your report to the class. Re

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  • CLIL 5

    1. Work in pairs. Match the words with the photos.2. Work in pairs. Do you know the names of the places in the photos? 3. Read the text and answer the questions. 4. PROJECT Work in groups of 3 or 4. Use the Internet to find out about Đà Lạt. Make notes about: 5. PROJECT Make a PowerPoint presentation using the above information. Add pictures. Then present it to your class.

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