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Listen and choose the correct answer. Odd one out. Choose the best answer. Complete the dialogue with the available words. Read and decide is each sentence is True or False. Reorder the words to make correct sentences.

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Listen and choose the correct answer. 

1. Nancy can _______ rope very well.

A. play

B. skip

C. skate

D. swing

2. Where is your _______?

A. school

B. home

C. house

D. class

3. There are many _______ in the sky.

A. clouds

B. birds

C. kites

D. clouds

4. Let me take a look at my ______.

A. schedule

B. timetable

C. book

D. phone 

5. The boys are playing _______ in the street.

A. basketball

B. football

C. tennis

D. baseball


I. Odd one out.


A. morning

B. afternoon

C. evening

D. birthday


A. England

B. America

C. Vietnamese

D. Japan


A. Science

B. English

C. subject



A. ride

B. tennis

C. dance

D. play


A. Thursday

B. Monday

C. Friday

D. September

II. Choose the best answer.

1. ______ do you have PE? – I have it on Monday and Wednesday.

A. What

B. When

C. How

D. Where

2. My hobby is ______ a film in my free time.

A. watching

B. watches

C. watch

D. to watch

3. What _______does Mai have today? – She has Maths, Music, Science and English.

A. days

B. subjects

C. time

D. nationality

4. What class is he_______?

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. with

5. How ________ cats do you have? – I have two.

A. do

B. old

C. much

D. many

III. Complete the dialogue with the available words.

Mai: What day is it (1) _______, Nam?

Nam: It’s (2) ________.

Mai: (3) _______subjects do you have today?

Nam: I have Maths, Science, Music and English.

Mai: What is your (4) _______ subject?

Nam: I like English.

Mai: (5) _______ do you like it?

Nam: Because I find it very interesting.

IV. Read and decide is each sentence is True or False.

Hello! My name is Pedro. I’ll tell you about my teacher and classmates. Let’s have a look at this photo of my class. Ms Anna is my form teacher. She teaches History. She is very funny and kind. This is Alberto. He is the monitor of our class. He loves Literature and Geography. Next to him is Paulo. Paulo is a good student. He loves all subjects and he is very good at English and French. The girl in a pink skirt is my best friend - Lisa. She is very beautiful and sweet. She loves Science and IT.

1. Ms Anna teaches History.

2. The monitor of Pedro’s class love Literature and Math.

3. Paulo loves all subjects, except English.

4. Paulo is Pedro’s best friend.

5. Lisa’s favourite subjects are Science and IT.

V. Reorder the words to make correct sentences.

1. today / What / the / is / date / ?


2. you / Can / play / guitar / the / ?


3. is / birthday / When / your / ?


4. December / is / birthday / second / on / the / of / My / .


5. does / have / and Math / When / English / she / ?

-------------------THE END-------------------


Listen and complete the conversations.



Frank: Hello, Andrea. Can you tell me about your (1) ______?

Andrea: Sure. I'm painting a picture for my mum.

.Frank: That's lovely. You are good at painting. Do you like music?

Andrea: Yes, I do. I like playing the (2) ______.

Frank: How about sports? Do you play football or tennis?

Andrea: No, I don't like sports. I don't play football or tennis and I don't like (3) _____.

Frank: I see. I (4) _______ your mum likes the picture.


Jane: Hi, Tom. What (5) ______ do you have?

Tom: I have lots of hobbies. Basketball, surfing and skateboarding.

Jane: Are you good at (6) ______?

Tom: Yes, I think so. My trainer says I am.

Jane: What about playing golf? Do you like playing (7) _______?

Tom: No, not really. I think it's (8) ______.


I. Look and complete the word.

II. Give the correct form the verbs in the brackets.

1. What nationality ________ (be) you?

2. She likes _______ (make) models in her free time.

3. What subjects _______ Nam _______ (have) today?

4. They _______ (be) in Nha Trang last weekend.

5. Hagiwara can ________ (drive) car very well.

III. Choose the correct answer.

1.  What is ________ favorite subject? - He likes P.E

A. my

B. he

C. his

D. her

2. They like _______ tennis together on Sunday.

A. play

B. plays

C. played

D. playing

3. What is her ______? – She’s English.

A. country

B. nationality

C. birthday

D. age

4. ______ are they doing? – They’re writing a dictation.

A. What

B. How

C. Where

D. Who

5. My _______ is watching cartoons.

A. fun

B. district

C. hobby

D. like

IV. Read and answer questions.

My name is Nam. I like playing sports. My favourite sport is tennis. I don't really like playing computer games because I find it boring. On the weekend, I often read books, watch TV and go to the gym. In the Sunday afternoon, I like going out with my friends but we don't often go to the city centre. We like eating pizza and watching the movies.

My friend Rebecca likes sports and she plays volleyball very well. She doesn't like reading or playing computer games. She likes going to the gym too and we often go there together. Her hobby is collecting pictures of her favourite singer. She has got 100 pictures of him.

1. What is Nam’s favourite sport?

2. Why does Nam not like playing computer games?

3. What does Nam often do on the weekend?

4. What sport does Rebecca play well?

5. What is her hobby?

V. Look and complete sentences.


-------------------THE END-------------------


Listen and number.



I. Read and match.

1. Are you doing your homework?

A. I'm in class 4A.

2. What class are you in?

B. She can dance very well.

3. What's the date today?

C. Playing piano and swimming. 

4. What can she do?

D. It’s 29th of October.

5. What does she like doing?

E. Yes, I am.

II. Odd one out.


A. baby

B. nurse

C. study

D. cousin


A. swim

B. village

C. sit

D. work


A. March

B. May

C. Monday

D. July


A. morning

B. nationality

C. afternoon

D. evening


A. he

B. my

C. your

D. his

III. Find ONE mistake I each sentence and correct it.

1. I and my family often watch TV on the evening.

2. My hobbies are playing badminton and listen to music.

3. Her birthday is on the twice of December.

4. We has Music on Friday.

5. What is your school? – It’s in Cau Giay street.

IV. Read and decide if each sentence is True or False.


I am Han. It's a school day today and we are at break time. There are many pupils inside the classroom. Look! Trang and Nhung are drawing a picture of a flower vase. Mai, Hoang and Nam are making paper things. They are making paper planes, paper houses and paper boats. There are two pupils over there - Ninh and Nga. Nga is making a puppet and Ninh is reading a book. And here, my best friend – Hoa, is writing a dictation and I am watching a funny video about pets. They are so cute. In the school yard, some boys are playing badminton. We have a lot of fun at the break time.

1. All the students are in the school yard.

2. Trang and Nhung are drawing.

3. Mai, Hoang and Nam are making paper planes, paper houses and paper boats.

4. Ninh is making a puppet.

5. Han is watching a funny video about a baby.

V. Reorder words to make correct sentences.

1. at/ I/ home/ was/ morning/ yesterday/ 


2. does/ Science/ Julia/ When/ have


3. subjects/ and P.E/ My/ are/ Geography/ favourite


4. making/ is/ paper boat/ now/ She/ a


5. yesterday/ Were/ the/ school library/ you / in


-------------------THE END-------------------


Listen and choose the correct answer.


1. Nhung is making a ________.

A. paper kite

B. paper house

C. puppet

D. paper plane

2. Nam and Hoa are in their _______.

A. class

B. house

C. library

D. table

3. Mi and Trand are ________.

A. making paper kites

B. making paper planes

C. drawing a picture

D. watching a video

4. The girl is making a paper _________.

A. kite

B. plane

C. flower

D. house

5. The girl is ________.

A. painting

B. making a puppet

C. writing dictation

D. doing her homework


I. Odd one out.


A. house

B. dad

C. mum

D. brother


A. watch

B. arrive

C. homework

D. write


A. engineer

B. job

C. doctor

D. teacher


A. have

B. breakfast

C. lunch

D. dinner


A. district

B. playground

C. gym

D. zoo

II. Unscramble letters to make correct words.


III. Choose the correct sentence.


A. What can she do?

B. What she can do?


A. Phong is from Vietnamese.

B. Phong is from Viet Nam


A. What does she do on Sunday?

B. What do she do on Sunday?


A. It’s on the 2nd of March.

B. It’s on the 2st of March.


A. What’s the name of your school?

B. What the name of your school?

IV. Read and choose the correct answer to complete the paragraph.

Yesterday was Sunday and my father didn't go to work. He (1) ______ at home and watered his plants. My mother was at home, too. It was very sunny so she (2) ______ all the winter clothes. Yesterday afternoon I was at school, but I wasn't at the classroom (3) ______ I didn't have any classes. I was in the school (4) ______ and read a Literature book. In the evening, I was at home and helped my mother cook dinner. I (5) ______ to bed quite late last night because I tried to finish the Literature book which I borrow from the school library.


A. am

B. is

C. was

B. were


A. brushed

B. washed

C. put

D. worked


A. because

B. so

C. but

D. and


A. gym

B. library

C. playground

D. yard


A. go

B. going

C. goes

D. went

IV. Make sentences from the given words.

1. She/ have/ English and Science/ Thursday/.

2. My/ birthday/ second/ May/.

3. Where/ he/ come/ from/?

4. They/ like/ listen/ music/ free time/.

5. I/ at/ home/ yesterday/.

-------------------THE END-------------------

I. Read and match.

1. Can you play any sports?

a. I was at my friend’s house.

2. Where is your school?

b. It’s in Tran Thai Tong street.

3. What class are you in?

c. Not really.

4. Do you like playing the guitar?

d. I don’t like playing sports.

5. Where were you yesterday?

e. I am in class 4A.

II. Complete the sentences with the available words.

History         hobby         penfriend        teacher        favourite

1. She likes studying English a lot. English is her ______ subject.

2. You’ll learn about events in the past in the _______ lesson.

3. ______ is the person who teaches us at the school.

4. ______ is something that you enjoy doing in your free time.

5. You often write letters for your _______.

III. Find ONE redundant word in each sentence below.  

1. Are Linda and her friend are making a paper boat?

2. Nam was usually late for his school.

3. What subjects do you have it on Monday?

4. What does she like to doing in her free time?

5. What’s is the name of their school? 

IV. Choose the correct answer.

1. Where are you ________? – I am from Korea.

A. from

B. on

C. in

D. do

2. What do you do on Sundays? - I ________.

A. visits my friends

B. go swimming

C. plays football

D. baking some cakes

3. How many ________ are there on the table?

A. book

B. boxs

C. boxes

D. pen

4. Do you have English today? - Yes, I _______.

A. have

B. has

C. do

D. am

5. I didn’t go to school yesterday ______ I was sick.

A. but

B. and

C. because

D. so

6. Does Jane ______ cycling in the afternoon?

A. likes

B. to like

C. liking

D. like

7. Is Rei ______ out with his friends now?

A. making

B. going

C. doing

D. playing

IV. Give the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

1. Listen! Your sister ________ (play) the guitar.

2. ______ (be) you the playground yesterday afternoon?

3. They like ______ (collect) stamps.

4. Hiromitsu ______ (not go) to the library yesterday because it ______ (rain) heavily.

5. Nam and Phuong _____ (not have) History on Fridays.

6. What ______ she _____ (like) doing on the weekend?  

V. Read and answer the questions.

Hello everyone. My name is Julia. I come from England and I'm studying at International Primary school in Ha Noi. I'm in class 4E. My school is at 53 Nguyen Du Street. At school, I have lots of friends. Here is a picture of them. This is Nhung. She is Vietnamese and she can draw very well. We often draw together. Next to her is Harry. Harry is English. He can swim and play the guitar. And here is Maori. Maori is a Japanese girl. She can dance and play soccer very well.

1. Where is Julia’s chool?


2. Does she have many friends at school?


3. What can Nhung do?  


4. Where is Harry from?


5. What can Maori do?  


-------------------THE END-------------------

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