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    Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 4 Tiếng Anh 10 iLearn Smart World

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  • Lesson 1

    Have you ever given something to someone to help them? Why?a. Read the definitions, then fill in the blanks with the new words. Listen and repeat.b. In pairs: Talk about charities in your country. How do they help people? a. Listen to two people talking about a charity. What is the purpose of the interview?b. Now, listen and fill in the blanks. c. Read the Conversation Skill box and listen to Task b. audio again. Circle the phrase in the Conversation Skill box that you hear. d. Listen and repeat

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  • Lesson 2

    a. Circle the correct definitions for the underlined words. Listen and repeat. b. In pairs: If you set up a charity, who or what will you help, and why?a. Read the article and choose the best title.b. Now, read and circle the answers. a. Listen and repeat.b. Circle the correct word.c. Write sentences using the prompts and the Present Perfect.d. In pairs: Talk about Michael and Alan. Use the prompts from the box. a. “have” and “has” often sound like /ǝv/ and /ǝz/. b. Notice the sound changes of t

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  • Lesson 3

    In pairs: Have you ever raised money for charity? What did you do? What would you like to do in the future?a. Listen to a man talking about ways to raise money for charity. How many fundraising events does the speaker talk about?b. Now, listen and write True or False.a. Read the article and choose the best title.b. Now, read and answer the questions. c. In pairs: What can you do to raise money for charity? Who will you help with the money you raise?a. Read about using synonyms to avoid repetitio

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