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  • 3a. Reading

    1. Read the title and look at the pictures. What do you think the text is about? 2. a) Read the text. Choose the option (A, B, C or D) that best fits each gap (1-5). b) Listen/Watch and read to check.

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  • 3b. Grammar

    1. Read the sentences (1-6) and complete the rules (a-f) with the words in bold. Then match. 2.Choose the correct option. 3.Combine the sentences using who(m), which, that, whose, where, when or why.

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  • 3c. Listening

    1. Think about an interesting news bulletin you have heard recently. What was the headline? What was it about? 2. a) You are going to listen to a TV commentator talking about a news programme. Read the table below. What information is missing in each gap? b) Listen and fill in the gaps (1-5). Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

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  • 3d. Speaking

    1 a) Fill in each gap with sloppy, fact-checked, judgement, outrageous, sources or misleading. Listen and check. b) Have you ever encountered a false news story online? Tell your partner. 2. a) Listen and read the dialogue. What is it about? b) Think Which of the underlined phrases/ sentences in the dialogue are used for narrating the news?/reacting to the news? Think of more similar phrases/sentences.

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  • 3e. Writing

    1. a) Look at the pie chart. What information does it contain? b) Read the report and fill in the gaps (1-5) with the information from the pie chart. 2. Which paragraph in the report in Exercise 1 ...

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