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  • Lesson One

    Listen, point, and repeat. Listen and chant. Listen and read. What do they all want to do?

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  • Lesson Two

    Listen to the story and repeat. Listen and say. Read and write T (true) or F (false). Write.

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  • Lesson Three

    Choose a boy or a girl. Look and say. Write about a boy or a girl. Listen and sing.

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  • Lesson Four

    Listen, point, and repeat. Listen and chant. Read the chant again. Under the words that end with ts and st. Then say. Complete the words with ts or st. Then say.

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  • Lesson Five

    Listen, point, and repeat. Look at the text. What country are the children from? Listen and read. Read again and answer the questions.

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  • Lesson Six

    Listen and check (✓) or cross (x) . Ask and answer about you. Say what you and your family always, usually, sometimes, and never do. Write a review of your favorite movie. Use the example to help you.

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