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  • Culture Corner

    1. Look at the picture and read the title. What is special about this person? Read the text to check. 2. Read the text again. Then read the sentences (A-D) and choose the one that best fits each gap (1-3). There is one extra sentence.

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  • CLIL (Careers)

    1. Read the CV. What do you think a CV is? What is it for? 2. a) Read Adam Smith's curriculum vitae (CV). Match the headings (1-7) to the information sections (A-G). b) Listen/Watch and read to check. 

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  • Progress Check (Unit 1 – 2)

    1. Choose the correct answer. 2. Fill in each gap with make up for, make up, put up to or put up with. 3. Choose the correct option. 4. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

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