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  • Lesson 1

    a. Unscramble the words. b. Write the words from Task a. next to the correct descriptions.a. Listen to a father talking to his daughter. What are they talking about? b. Now, listen and match the person to their dream jobs. a. Look and complete the table.

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  • Lesson 2

    Read the clues and complete the crossword puzzle. a. Read the article about an interview with a teenage celebrity. What is the celebrity’s job?b. Now, read and answer the questions.

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  • Lesson 3

    a. Listen to the conversation between Jenny and her school principal. How does the principal help Jenny? b. Now, listen and fill in the blanks.a. Read the passage and choose the best conclusion sentence. b. Now, read and write True, False, or Doesn’t say.

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  • Review - Unit 7

    Part 1: You will hear Tom talking to his mother about his and his friend's dreams. What is each person’s dream job? For each question, write a letter (A-H) next to each person. You will hear the conversation twice. Part 2: Read the interview with a teenager celebrity. Choose the correct answer (A, B, or C).

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