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  • 5a. Reading

    1. Label the pictures with underground, skybridges, moving, digital or flying. 2. *Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. Then listen and check.**Say the words, record yourself and check if you pronounce them correctly.

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  • 5b. Grammar

    1. Complete the sentences with will, is/are going to, may/might or is likely that. 2. Complete the second sentence using the word in bold. Use up to five words.3. Choose the correct option.4. Rearrange the words to make complete sentences. Mind the position of adverbs of certainty.

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  • 5c. Listening

    1. Listen to a teen talking about her ideal city of the future. Complete the summary. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer. 2. Listen to a man talking about two new cities. Read the questions (A-F). Then listen to the answers (1-6) and match the questions to the answers. There is one example.

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  • 5d. Speaking

    1. Look at the pictures and fill in the missing letters. 2. Choose the correct option.3. Complete the dialogue with the phrases in the list.4. Underline the contracted forms. Then listen and repeat.

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  • 5e. Writing

    1. Fill in the gaps (1-6) in the essay with the correct words/phrases from the list.2. Complete the table with ideas from the essay in Exercise 1.3. Use the ideas below to complete the table. 4. Write an essay making predictions about the future of education (about 150-180 words). You can use ideas from Exercises 3 and 4.

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