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  • Introduction

    1. Listen and repeat. Match the special occasions (1-6) to the congratulatory message (A-F). 2. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. Then listen and check. Practise saying them with a partner.

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  • 4a. Reading

    1. Read the title and the subheadings, and look at the pictures. What do you think the text is about? 2. Read the text and complete the sentences (1-4). Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer.

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  • 4b. Grammar

    1. Choose the correct answer. 2. Choose the correct answer. 3. Combine the sentences using the words in brackets. Write in your notebook. 4. Make sentences about yourself, using the adverbial clauses in the theory boxes. Tell your partner.

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  • 4c. Listening

    1. You are going to listen to an organiser giving directions around a festival site. Look at the map. Label the places (1-5) with the letters (A-E). 2. You are going to listen to a commentator talking about coming-of-age traditions. Read the questions and answer choices. Which of the answer choices do you think will be the right ones?

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  • 4d. Speaking

    1. Fill in each gap with recreate, maintain, ancestral, assemble, attire or engage. Then listen and check. 2. a) Listen and read the dialogue. What are the teens talking about? b) Which of the underlined phrases/ sentences are used for asking for suggestions?/ making suggestions?/accepting suggestions?/ rejecting suggestions?

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  • 4e. Writing

    1. a) Read the leaflet. What is it about? b) Read the leaflet again and fill in each missing heading with Opening hours, Prices, Activities, Conveniences, Food & Drink or Dates & Location.

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