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    Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 3. Music and Arts Tiếng Anh 7 iLearn Smart World

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    Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 3 Tiếng Anh 7 iLearn Smart World

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  • Lesson 1

    a. Match the words with the pictures. Listen and repeat. b. In pairs: Say which types of music you like and dislike. Describe them using the adjectives below. a. Read the blog posts. Do Binh and Linh both like rock music? b. Now, read and circle the correct answers. c. In pairs: When do you like to listen to music? . Listen and repeat. b. Circle the correct words. c. Write sentences using the pictures. d. In pairs: Ask and answer. a. Focus on different sounds /s/, /z/ of "s" at the end of verbs.

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  • Lesson 2

    a. Match the words with the descriptions. Listen and repeat. b. In pairs: Ask and answer about each type of music. Do you like any of them? a. Listen to three friends talking about a music event. Where are they? b. Now, listen and answer the questions. c. In pairs: What kind of music concert would you like to go to? Which band or singer would you like to see?

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  • Lesson 3

    In pairs: Name three movies you like and say why you like them. What are different types of movie you can watch? a. Fill in the blanks using the words in the box. Listen to an English teacher and check your answers. b. Now, listen and circle the correct answers. a. Read the description and choose the best title. b. Now, read and fill in the blanks. c. In pairs: Would you like to watch this movie? Why (not)? a. Read about writing a movie description. Then, read the description of The Dark Knight

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  • Review

    You will hear five short conversations. You will hear each conversation twice. There is one question for each conversation. For each question, choose the correct answer (A, B, or C.) Read the paragraph. Choose the best word (A, B, or for each space.)Number the pictures. a. Underline the mistakes and write the correct answers on the lines. b. Write sentences using the prompts.a. Circle the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.b. Circle the word that differs fr

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