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  • Vocabulary: Memories

    THINK! Think of five things that you have lost or found in the last ten years. 1. Read the internet posts and check the meaning of the words in blue. Match photos A-E with the people who wrote the posts. 2. Do a memory test. Cover the texts and answer the questions. 3. Choose the correct options in the questionnaire. Then watch or listen. Which questions do you hear? 4. USE IT! Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions from the questionaire. Use the key phrases to find out more information. Fi

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  • Reading: A fact file

    1. What are different types of vehicles that transport people and goods? 2.Read and listen to the fact file. How many types of vehicles are mentioned? What are they? 3.Read the text again. Find out the adjectives that describe the forms of transport.

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  • Language focus: Past perfect

    1. Study these sentences from the text. Then choose the correct options to complete the rules. 2. Choose the correct options.3. Complete the sentences with the past perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

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  • Vocabulary and listening: Describing objects

    1. What kind of things do people put into time capsules?2. Read the text and match the words in blue with their opposites (1-7). 3.Listen and repeat. How many syllables are there in each adjective? Copy and complete the table with the adjectives.

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  • Language focus: Past narrative tenses

    1. Match rules 1-3 with the examples of tenses a-c. Then find more examples of these tenses in the text on pages 12-13. 2. Look again at examples a-c in exercise 1. Answer the questions.

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  • Speaking:Telling an anecdote

    What are your earliest memories of when you were young? 1. Look at the photos and read sentences a-d. Which three sentences describe the experience of the boy in the photos? Compare your ideas in pairs.2. Watch or listen to Theo’s anecdote and check your answers to exercise 1. What happened to Theo?

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  • Writing: A blog post

    What are the best and worst experiences you’ve had on holiday? 1. Read Mary’s blog post. Was this a good, bad or mixed experience for her? Why? 2. Read the text again and answer the questions.

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