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  • 1a. Reading

    1. Listen and repeat. 2. Listen to and notice the pronunciation of the underlined parts. Practise saying the words with your partner. 3. Listen to five people talking about the ways of communication they prefer. Match the Speakers (1-5) to the ways of communication (A-E). 4. How do you communicate with your family and friends? Tell your partner? 5. Think: Read the title and look at the pictures. What do you think the text is about? 6. Read the text. For questions (1-5), choose the correct option

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  • 1b. Grammar

    1. Match the sentences to the uses of the tenses. 2. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. Listen and check. 3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

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  • 1c. Vocabulary

    1. Fill in each gap with the correct word from the list. Listen and check, then repeat. 2. Listen to Robert and his grandfather talking about life in the past and in the present. Decide if the statements (1-5) are R (right) or W (wrong).

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  • 1d. Everyday English

    1. Read the dialogue and fill in the gaps (1-4) with the sentences (A-D). Listen and check. 2. Take roles and read out the dialogue. 3. Act out a similar dialogue. Use the dialogue in Exercise 1 as a model and the ideas from Exercise 1 (page 14) and/or your own ideas.

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  • 1e. Grammar

    1. Rewrite the sentences using wish + Past Simple. 2. Look at the pictures and say what each person wishes for at the present time. 3. Use wish + Past Simple to tell your partner what you wish for at the present time.

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  • 1f. Skills

    1. Think: Look at the pictures. How do you think life in Việt Nam today is different from life in the past? 2. Read the text quickly and guess the headings of the paragraphs. Listen and check, then fill in the text with the headings.

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  • Project Time

    1. Find photos showing life in the past and life in the present in your country. Make a poster as in the example. 2. Use your poster in Exercise 1 to give a presentation to the class about life in the past and life in the present in your country.

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  • Progress Check

    1. Choose the correct options. 2. Fill in each gap with drive, wore, support, raised or made. 3. Choose the correct options.4. Rewrite the sentences using wish + Past Simple.

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