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  • Lesson One

    Listen, point and repeat. Listen and chant. Listen and read. What does Jim do?

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  • Lesson Two

    Listen to the story and repeat. Listen and say. Write the words in the correct order. Write.

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  • Lesson Three

    Ask and answer. Write about Minh. Listen and sing. Sing and do.

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  • Lesson Four

    Listen, point, and repeat. Listen and chant. Read the chant again. Underline the words that end with s and es. Then say. Listen and complete the words with s or es.

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  • Lesson Five

    Listen, point, and repeat. Look at the text. Where does Sung Ni live? Listen and read. Read again and write T (true) or F (false). How do children get to school in other country.

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  • Lesson Six

    Listen and write the number. Ask and answer about you. Say what your friend does and doesn’t do every day. Write a description of your day. Use the example to help you.

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