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  • Language

    1. Mark (') the stressed syllables in the underlined words. Then listen, check and repeat. 2. Write the words in the box next to their definitions. 3. Complete the sentences with the words below. 4. Use the correct tense and form of each verb in brackets to complete the sentence. 5. Find and cross (X) ONE incorrect article in each sentence and write the correct one.

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  • Skills

    1. a. Read the passage. Find a word and a phrase from the passage and write them under their correct pictures. b. Choose the correct answer A, B, or C to complete each sentence. 2. Work in groups. Read the list of activities and discuss which ones are energy-saving and which ones are not. Explain your answer. 3. Listen and complete each sentence with ONE word. 4. Choose one of the future means of transport below. Write a paragraph of about 70 words about it.

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