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  • Language

    1. Circle the word in which the underlined part is pronounced differently. Listen, check, and repeat the words. 2. Match a word in A with a word or phrase in B. Then complete the sentences with the appropriate phrases. 3. Underline the correct word to complete the sentences. 4. Complete the passages about camping. Use the words and phrases from the boxes. 5. Complete the second sentence, using the words in brackets.

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  • Skills

    1. Choose one appropriate option (A, B, C) to fill in each gap of the paragraph. 2. Work in pairs. Imagine you have just visited a lower secondary school. Ask and answer the questions, using the following suggestions. 3. Listen to a man talking about his meal at a restaurant and tick (✓) the adjectives you hear.4. Listen again and fill in each gap with ONE word. 5. Write a paragraph of about 60 words about a meal you had at a restaurant.

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