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  • 3a. Vocabulary

    1. Fill in each gap with the correct verb from the list. Listen and check, then repeat. 2. Listen and put the words into the correct columns. Practise saying them with your partner. 3. Listen to an interview about the benefits of sports and exercise for teenagers. Decide if the statements (1-5) are R (right) or W (wrong).

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  • 3b. Grammar

    1. Choose the correct options. 2. Rewrite the sentences without changing their meanings. Use the modals in brackets. 3. Use the modals in the theory box to talk about playing sports and exercising.

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  • 3c. Vocabulary

    1. Listen and repeat. 2. Listen to Paul talking about his lifestyle and choose the correct options (A, B, C or D). 3. Ask and answer about your lifestyle. Talk about sleeping, diet, sports/exercise, socialising and stress.

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  • 3d. Everyday English

    1. Read the dialogue and fill in the gaps (1-4) with the sentences (A-D). Listen and check. 2. Take roles and read the dialogue aloud. 3. Act out a similar dialogue. Use the dialogue in Exercise 1 as a model and the ideas below and/or your own ideas.

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  • 3e. Grammar

    1. Match the if-clause (1-6) to the main clauses (a-f) to make meaningful sentences. 2. Combine the sentences using conditional type 1.3. Make sentences using modals in conditional type 1. You start a sentence with an ì-clause and your partner completes the sentence with a main clause.

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  • 3f. Skills

    1. Think: Read the text quickly. Is the text about making an announcement? giving advice? advertising something? 2. Read the text again. Which of the sentences (A-D) best fits each gap (1-4)? Lesten and check. 3. Read the text again and decide if the statements (1-5) are R (right), W (wrong) or DS (doesn’t say).

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  • 3. Right on!

    1. a, Complete the sentences in the quiz with the words from the list. b, Do the quiz. How healthy are you? Compare the result with your partner.2. Collect more information and create a leaflet about Dos and Don’ts for a healthy lifestyle. Use the Information in Exercise 1 and/or your own ideas.

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  • 3. Progress Check

    1. Choose the correct options. 2. Fill in each gap with exercise, socialise, surf, eat or stay. 3. Choose the correct options. 4. Combine the sentences using conditional type 1 in your notebook.5. Choose the correct options.

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