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    Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 2 Tiếng Anh 10 iLearn Smart World

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  • Lesson 1

    a. Number the pictures. Listen and repeat. b. In pairs: Talk about which activities you would like to do more and say why. . Huy and Như wrote to Teen World Magazine. What did they write about? b. Now, read and answer the questions. c. In pairs: Do you prefer playing games and doing puzzles at home, or going outside to play sports? Why? a. Listen and repeat. b. Fill in the blanks using gerunds. c. Look at the prompts and write full sentences. Use gerunds. d. In pairs: Talk about the activity th

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  • Lesson 2

    a. Read the definitions and then fill in the blanks with the new words. Listen and repeat. b. In pairs: Talk about things you did in the last week using the new words. Tell your partner. a. Listen to two friends trying to make plans for the weekend. What is it they want to do? b. Now, listen and fill in the blanks. c. Read the Conversation Skill box and listen to Task b. audio again. Circle the phrase in the Conversation Skill box that you hear. d. Listen and repeat. e. In pairs: What have you p

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  • Lesson 3

    In pairs: What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies? a. Listen to two teenagers talking about their hobby. What kind of talk is it? b. Now, listen and circle a or b. a. Read the blog post and choose the best heading. b. Now,read and answer the questions.c. In pairs: If you found an old gold coin, what would you do with it? Why? a. Read about conjunctions, then read Jamie's blog post again and underline the conjunctions of time. a. You are talking to a new classmate about hobbies.

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