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    Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 1 Tiếng Anh 10 iLearn Smart World

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  • Lesson 1

    New Words a. Match the words with the pictures. Listen and repeat. b. In pairs: Use the new words to talk about the chores you do at home. Which are OK? Which do you hate? Listening a. Listen to Sam talk about doing chores. Who does more chores, Sam or his sister, Alice? b. Now, listen and draw lines from Sam and his sister to the chores they do and how often they do them. c. Read the Conversation Skill box and listen to Task b. audio again. Number the phrases in the Conversation Skill box in th

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  • Lesson 2

    New Words a. Match the words with the definitions. Listen and repeat. b. In pairs: Choose the two words that best describe you and say why. Reading a. Read the interview Adam Parker gave about his family. Who is the least helpful family member? b. Now, read and answer the questions. c. In pairs: Would you like to have a famous parent? Why (not)? Grammar a. Listen and repeat. b. Write sentences using the prompts. c. Fill in the blanks with, so or because. d. In pairs: Tell your partner about a p

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  • Lesson 3

    In pairs: How often do you send text messages and who do you send them to? What do you write about? a. Listen to someone talking about text messaging. The purpose of the talk is to… b. Now, listen and circle. a. Read the text message. What does Adam want his father to do for him? b. Now, read and match the text language to its meaning. c. Now, read and answer the questions. d. In pairs: Do you use any text language? Can your parents understand what you write? a. Read about text language, then r

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