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  • 0.1 - Introducing Nam

    1. Listen and read the text. Find these people in the photos. 2. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). In pairs, correct the false sentences. 3. Look at Nam’s family tree. Complete the sentences below with the correct possessive adjectives. Write the name of the person. 4. Add apostrophes (‘) to the sentences about Nam’s family. 5. In pairs, ask and answer about your family members. Then tell the class about your partner’s family.

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  • 0.2 - Introducing Mai

    1. Read the text. In pairs, ask and answer the questions below. 2. Read the text about Mai again. What are her hobbies and interests? 3. Listen and check if you understand the words below. 4. Listen to Mai and Nam. What is Nam’s favourite free time activity? Choose the correct answer. 5. Work in groups of three. Ask and answer about each other’s hobbies and interests. Complete the table below and then report to the class.

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  • 0.3 - Mai's home

    1. Read about Mai’s bedroom. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). 2. Listen and underline the things you can see in the photo. 3. In pairs, use the Vocabulary box to tell your partner three things you have/haven’t got/would like to have. 4. Study the Grammar box. Use there is/there are with a/an/some/any to write sentences about your bedroom. 5. In pairs, ask and answer questions about your bedrooms. Use the items from the Vocabulary box or your own ideas.

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  • 0.4 - Introducing Kim

    1. Read the text. Answer the questions in pairs. 2. In pairs, match school subjects 1-6 with pictures A-F. What are Kim’s favourite subjects? 3. Complete the sentences with can or can’t. 4. Listen to Kim and underline the things in the Vocabulary box that she can do. 5. In pairs, ask and answer the questions.

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  • Revision

    1. In groups, do the quiz. Use the texts in lessons 0.1 - 0.4 to help you. 2. Complete the questions with the words below. Then ask and answer the questions in pairs. 3. Complete the questions with is, are, can, have or has. Then ask and answer the questions in pairs. 4. Choose four questions from Exercises 2 and 3 that you think are very interesting. Then ask as many classmates as you can.

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