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  • Vocabulary: Social media and the internet

    1. THINK! Name five things you do online. 2. Check the meaning of the verbs in blue in the internet survey. Then complete it with the words in the box. 3. Complete the dialogue using the correct form of the verbs in blue. Then listen and check. 4. Study the Key Phrases. Make sentences using the words in bold.5. USE IT! Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions in the internet survey. Then choose a description from A-C for your partner.

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  • Language Focus: Present tenses – Question words before to-infinitive

    1.Read answers a-c from the internet survey on page 6. Complete them with the time expressions in brackets. 2.Match rules 1-3 with examples from a-c in exercise 1. Then complete the rules with present simple or present continuous.

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  • Vocabulary and listening: Digital technology

    1. What technology makes your life easier? Which devices do you use every day? 2. Match eight words from the box with photos 1-8. 3. Listen to a conversation. Which things from exercise 1 do the people mention?

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  • Language focus: Question tags – used to

    1. Match 1-5 with question tags a-e. 2. Write true or false for rules 1-4. 3. Complete the sentences. 4. Write question tags for sentences 1-5.

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